moon revolver x björk and berries
In collaboration with Moon Revolver, we asked her to share and educate about the moon and its untamed power.

I was so happy when Björk and berries got in touch. To me, you embody my Nordic roots and found a natural way of building a strong business by coexisting in harmony with Earth and its resources. Offering a bit of ecoluxury in my city life with products that enable me to reflect upon my presence in peace and harmony. The scented candle Måne was a love at first sight and scent. I light it whenever I need a break and plan to use it symbolically with every new moon meditation I make during the coming cycles. The essence of Måne is uncomplicated, just like the moon.


Moon Revolver is a dream concept of an esoteric platform, where both die-hard conservatives and occult cultivators can find inspiration and wisdom. A place where science meets witchery and all the phases in between. The unwavering enchantment of the Moon is the common denominator - in more simple words: a digital place for people who love the moon.


It was founded in the alluring desert of Joshua Tree, California in 2016. I was traveling with my Wisconsin friend and astrologer Marie. It started with the screen printing of a Gregorian calendar illustrated in moon phases. A combination of the ancient lunar calendar and the Western almanac as we know it today.

“Among loyal customers we have death metal band members, priests, doctors of science and of alternative medicine, souls who identify as witches, yogis, sufis and people that consider themselves very ordinary. This is a passion project. I make limited editions every year and it breaks even. The moon is no fool’s paradise, it is solid as a rock and you fill it with whatever meaning you want. I always found comfort in the moon as a constant. Life on Earth is elusive,  the metamorphosis of theories and research is refined, but the moon is truthful, a loyal companion and a shoulder to cry on”


WHAT IS TO COME NEXT YEAR FOR MOONREVOLVER? The 7th edition Moon Calendar is up next, for the year of 2023 and I am so excited!