10 JUNE 2021
Meet the star of the MARELD campaign
Today we get to step into the world of Pedro Lima, the star of our latest launch MARELD Eau de Parfum. Mareld is inspired by a rare phenomenon of the sea, where seemingly magical creatures illuminate dark waters and leave rays of a blue bioluminescent glow.

”It feels like we all are a part of the Mareld campaign and what we have created is something I am really proud of“

Pedro Lima
Hey Pedro, tell us a little about yourself, where you are from, what you do, and where you live?
So, my journey has been long. My sister and I moved to Sweden when I was 12 years old, back in 2005. We lived in Umeå, so we went from one of the warmest cities in Brazil to one of the coldest in Sweden, which was very exotic for us. I came out as gay to my family when I was 15, and after fully accepting myself, my passion for modelling and fashion started to grow. I live in Gothenburg and work as a model, DJ and with sustainable fashion.
How did you start modelling?
I have been freelancing for years. I started collaborating with brands, photographers and always with a lot of heart and passion in what I do. In September last year, I got signed by an agency, and it has been a great journey thus far. I never thought I would get signed when I was 27 years old!
What are three scent memories that have influenced you the most.
I grew up in the forest, literary. So the scent of soil, green leaves and the woods are something very special for me. I also always connected to the sea; I can definitely feel the difference between the feeling and the scent of the ocean here in Scandinavia and the scent of South American. One is more crispy and fresh, and the other is warm and kind. The third is the scent of my mom, and for me, she smells like home.
How do you feel about being the star of the Mareld campaign?
It feels fantastic and somehow right. I truly fell in love with this perfume; the brand and the crew have been amazing.