a scent guide

if you've ever been to a wine tasting, you know the importance of the swirl and inhaling the aroma: swirling the glass to lift the alcohol over the rim and getting the flavors to kick in. when trying out a fragrance, the procedure is almost the same; only you don't drink the liquid you inhale it. here’s a guide to help you experience our perfumes better. let's start with the basics.

a picture of björk and berries september eau de parfum in a warm setting

The scent of September captures the first day of fall at the farm. The stacks of hay are warm in the afternoon sun and blend together with the scent of harvested fruits and a blue sky, crisp with promises of new beginnings.

The text above is part of the scent description of the September fragrance; the text describes the overall character and inspiration for the Eau de Parfum. To better understand what "a day at the farm" smells like, the fragrance note segment will explain it further.

Fragrance notes are ingredients that the perfume is made of. The perfume makers, “noses”, carefully select notes to make sure a fragrance both smells pleasant and evokes an experience. The ingredients are categorized as top, heart and base notes. 
The top notes have a higher volatility and evaporate faster, while notes at the bottom can linger for up to six hours.


The top notes form the top layer of a fragrance and are the ones you detect first when spraying on the perfume. Top notes usually evaporate quickly, remaining for the first 5 to 15 minutes. They are the first impression, shape the story and make the transition into the next fragrance note.

Common top notes include citrus scents, as an example in September we have Pomelo and Kumquat.


The heart notes make up the middle of the fragrance, their purpose is to preserve some of the top notes' aroma while introducing new scents and deepening the experience. They work as a buffer for the base notes, which may not always smell pleasant on their own. Heart notes make up around 70 percent of the perfume and last longer, from 20 to 60 minutes.

Heart notes are usually full-bodied and aromatic like floral oils; inSeptemberwe have Apple Blossom and Jasmine.


The base notes form the foundation of the fragrance and kick in after about 30 minutes after spraying on the perfume. They help carry the other notes, and because they sink into your skin, the base notes can linger for as long as six hours, adding depth and richness.

Base notes are usually smoky, woody and musky, inSeptemberwe have Vetiver Smoke and Guaiac Wood.

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