The Cabinet

550 kr
177 x 177 x 20 MM
The Cabinet collection porcelain tray is decorative all on its own as an interior design piece, but is also perfect to place your Björk and Berries products on, to collect your jewellery and special memorable objects, or even to serve food. A beautiful, multifunctional piece to treasure and enjoy in many different ways.

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The Cabinet (Scented Candle)The Cabinet (Scented Candle)
The Cabinet
scented candle
850 kr
The Cabinet (Match Box)The Cabinet (Match Box)
The Cabinet
match box
90 kr
The Cabinet collection is a celebration of an old and treasured cabinet at Fäviken. The cabinet carries memories from the past and has lived as a centerpiece throughout generations. The cabinet represents a forgotten world of mythical, historical and natural elements, embodied by the limited edition exclusive home collection decorated with Fee Greening illustrations.