The Cabinet

scented candle
850 kr
290 G
The Cabinet collection scented candle carries the warm scent of nutmeg and clove buds that blend together with a woody and green scent of birch tree and oak moss. A scent from the deep forests of Jämtland that tells the story of an old cabinet that carries fond memories of the past.

TOP: Nutmeg, Clove Buds
HEART: Guaiac Wood
BASE: Birch Tree, Oakmoss

“The warm scent of nutmeg and clove buds combined with the woody scent of birch tree and oak moss bring me right back to our family farm, Fäviken in the north of Sweden and our old and treasured cabinet. It really captures the mythical and historical soul of the cabinet and makes me dream of times past. It is like a saga in a box.”

– Isabelle Lewenhaupt, CEO and owner

Hand poured in Sweden

100% Natural wax

100% Vegan wax

Our candles are locally hand-poured in Sweden with a 100% natural wax. Natural waxes are a living material and will therefore react with cold or warm temperatures. Texture may also vary due to the wax composition. This wax is considered soft in consistency and has a lower melting point than other types of waxes.

For the best experience keep candle wick trimmed and burn for 1 hour the first time and follow with maximum 4 hours burn each time for an even burn.

The candle burns for 55 hours. When it is burnt out, make use of its container as a flower pot, vase or a pencil stand.

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The Cabinet (Tray)The Cabinet (Tray)
The Cabinet
550 kr
The Cabinet Scented Candle brinnande låga och Matchbox på gamla böcker på träbordThe Cabinet Matchbox från Björk and Berries mot vit bakgrund
The Cabinet
90 kr
The Cabinet collection is a celebration of an old and treasured cabinet at Fäviken. The cabinet carries memories from the past and has lived as a centerpiece throughout generations. The cabinet represents a forgotten world of mythical, historical and natural elements, embodied by the limited edition exclusive home collection decorated with Fee Greening illustrations.