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Kind to skin, people, animals and nature

In Sweden wild forests cover a full 57% of our country. Nature is a luxury in the world, for us in Sweden it’s part of our daily lives. In our products, we use the best ingredients nature has to offer. We also aim to celebrate and protect our environment and want to create products that are kind to skin, people, animals and nature.

Our ingredients - Ecoluxury made in Sweden

We use our own standard when it comes to developing our formulas. We call it Ecoluxury Criteria.

We research ingredients that have been used traditionally in Sweden for centuries. We source as much as we can locally and aim to preserve the prevalence of the Nordic flora. We always strive to use a minimal amount of ingredients, but with maximum effect.

As an example our Eau de Parfums are all vegan and made of organic fermented alcohol made from waste of vegetable extracts from the food industry – like sugarbeets.

We are always transparent with the % amount of natural and certified organic ingredients in our products – look for the symbols on our products.

Always true to 95-100% Natural ingredients, 10-100% Certified organic ingredients.

Our development - slow beauty made in Sweden

Our products are made in Sweden. This means that we produce locally and work with partners that adhere to some of the strictest policies in the world when it comes to people and environment.

Our formulas are never rushed through production, we give ourselves time to get it right and create the best products that we possibly can. We call it slow beauty.

We maximise our formulas. You only need a small amount to achieve the desired effect. All our products are unisex and we encourage sharing within a household.

Our packaging - mindful choices

We aim to always update packaging according to the most sustainable options currently available and suitable for our formulas and products.

We strive to balance sustainability and functionality - we aim to be on par with the latest developments with the goal to have 100% possibility to recycle all components.

We make an effort to make all our products beautiful, to encourage thoughtful handling and recycling. They should be easy to recycle or beautiful to keep.

In 2019 we did extensive work on all our products and packaging. This resulted in that we from 2020 onwards will:

- Use 100% recycled PET bottle for entire hand and body range
- Use glass bottles for our entire face care range
- Only use 100% FSC paper
- Reduce packaging and make our products smarter and more multifunctional

We are on a constant mission to improve the way our products are made through our supply chain and to encourage consumers, and the whole beauty industry to make mindful choices. Nobody is perfect, but we have to start somewhere, right now.