Björk and Berries X Estelle Bourdet

warp clutch 2/10
2 900 kr
27 x 23 cm
Introducing the "Warp Clutch," a hybrid between a vanity case and satchel designed to keep all your favourite toiletries or used as a versatile clutch. Using the rep weave technique, Estelle has interwoven a piece of Swedish heritage into each clutch, an exclusive collection of 10 unique pieces.
Made of up-cycled textiles and ropes.
The warp clutches are hand-made and hand-dyed and each piece may therefore vary slightly from the images.

Do not soak in water.

Gentle clean with wet cloth.

Internal pouch machine washable at max 40°.

Wash with similar colours.

Estelle, a Swiss-Swedish hand weaver, investigates the domestic environment by exploring the handcraft of textile making. Her weavings combine handcraft techniques with contemporary, featuring digital artworks and artisanal processes.

She graduated in fine arts at the Ecole Cantonale d'Art de Lausanne ECAL, experimenting with textile techniques during a year at the Hochschule Luzern HSLU.After that, Estelle moved to Sweden and immersed herself in traditional textile handcrafts at the school for craft and design, Capellagården.

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”We are constantly inspired by Swedish traditional ways of using colorways and artistry design and we try to implement it into our products such as red colour of faluröd and the old Swedish cabinets have given us our colour directions. To be able to collaborate with Estelle with her unique craftsmanship and creativity has been an inspiring way for us to further explore how we can integrate traditional crafts and modern expression into our products and brand. Using her special techniques with warp and traditional weaving she interpreted the rag rug in a modern way to create beautiful pieces of art that are still wearable and durable."

– Isabelle Lewenhaupt, Founder