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To celebrate International Women’s Day, we caught up with our CEO Isabelle Lewenhaupt to discuss work-life balance.

Isabelle, life is looking busier than ever, tell us a little bit about what is going on in your life:

We are finally launching our new assortment that we have been working on for almost two years. Continuing in the spirit of the Björk and Berries mission of "Preserving and sharing the magic of our nature" we have developed our products and assortment to make them more sustainable when it comes to packaging and more multifunctional in use. We are on a constant mission to improve the way our products are made through our supply chain and to encourage consumers, and the whole beauty industry, to make mindful choices. Nobody is perfect, but we have to start somewhere, right now. We are so proud of this new change and can’t wait for the launch on the 15th of March. 

We are also finally launching our new scent “Fjällsjö”, a crisp scent inspired by a swim in a mountain lake, which is my personal favorit and for me represents what is truly unique with the Swedish nature.

Ok then, let's keep this short and sweet:

A lot of women struggle to make their professional and family life function, and this usually means less or no alone-time.
Share three tips on how you manage your busy schedule and still find time to recharge your batteries:

I try all the clichés like being in the moment or turning my phone off when I come home. And it helps. I have also become better at not having too many weekend plans. A family day just chilling at home without feeling the need to experience new things are usually the best days for me and my kids. I also try to be outside a lot. Going for walks or runs in nature rather than going to the gym. I also bring my kids to work. I believe it’s important that they too see the passion I have for my work and understand what I do, so they also see why I value it. My daughter actually wants to come up with new names for scents all the time now.

Being the CEO of Björk and Berries means you have all those amazing products to try; give us your daily routine:

I am obsessed with our skincare. One of the most fun parts of the job is to try out new products under development and all I can say is that we have some amazing new face care products coming up. I love hot baths so the bath salt from the garden is very frequently used. For my skin, which is very sensitive, I use Rescue Cream during the colder months together with C-serum.

I know the new fragrance Fjällsjö, launching next week, has a personal meaning to you, please share why

Fjällsjö is inspired by the scent of your skin after a bath in a cold mountain lake in the summer. For me, it represents a mental state of mind, an inner peace and tranquillity. A  Fjällsjö is a place that you can visit in your mind when the everyday stress kicks in. It can be a powerful and calming thing to think about the vastness of the Swedish mountains and lakes that are still and solid when our own life feels overwhelming.

Last but not least; who was your first female role model?

I admire so many women. But I would choose my mom and my two grandmothers. My mom is such a strong and warm person with a creative mind and lots of integrity who has given me and my siblings a true compass in life. Both my grandmothers have different life stories but they both survived being part of the world war in Finland and Indonesia respectively. They were independent and kind in their own ways and I think of them a lot in admiration.