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What is Midsommar?

Swedish Midsommar, or the "eve of never ending light" is one of our favourite pagan holidays at Björk and Berries. Some would argue its equally important to holidays like Christmas for the average Swede. 

So what is it all about?  Caricatures of the festivity has circled around for years - like this notorious German Ikea commercial or the new horror film Midsommar. Entertaining, or horrifying these accounts do not do the festive eve justice.

For us, midsummer is about being with family, embracing the light, dancing and laughing. Its a way of celebrating the wilderness of nature and the uniqueness of the Swedish seasons. Something that we need today maybe more than ever to counteract the fast-paced technology driven world we live in. 



Our scent Solstice embodies this feeling and tells enchanting story of mythology and symbolism of ancient midsummer traditions.  

Close your eyes and imagine wild flowers in your hair, dewy morning grass under your bare feet and the sun in zenith, and you can almost smell the crisp citrus oils and fresh cut flowers that are the essence of this scent.

According to an old Swedish legend, if you pick seven different flowers from seven different fields the night before the midsummer celebrations, you will dream a sweet dream of the love of your life. We recommend spraying your pillow with Solstice and taking your chances