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Sustainable ways to celebrate springbreak

It is the second week of April, and if you celebrate Easter, it is the season of egg hunts and bunnies. Here is a guide that will make you're crafting more sustainable this year.

Natural eggshell colouring:

  1. Red-cabbage dye: 2 dl chopped cabbage.
  2. Turmeric dye: 3 tablespoons turmeric.
  3. Onion-skin dye: skins from 7 onions 
  4. Beet dye: 4 dl chopped beets.

Bring water to boil with your chosen colouring, simmer for 30 minutes. At the same time hard boil your eggs. Pour the coloured water thru w sieve into a glass jar, add two tablespoons of white wine vinegar. Place the eggs in the water mix and let it sit overnight in the fridge.

This is also the week that hosts World Heath day 7/4, and never before has the topic of staying healthy been more pressing due to the COVID 19 outbreak simultaneously leaving no country unmarked.

There is no cure to this virus yet; we believe that the act of taking care of our bodies and mind is just as significant. We want to stay healthy so that the medicare system can focus on the sick.

Spring mocktail:

Blueberry syrup

The mocktail in the photo is made of spruce shoot tonic water but and tonic will do. Peel some zest from the lemon and chop a knob of the ginger into strips.
Rub the lemon peel over the rim of the glass, place the ice cubes in the bottom of the glass, ginger and lemon peel goes in, then the blueberry syrup and top off with the tonic water.

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