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Samantha Rabon talks to us about physical movement

We, the team at Björk and Berries, welcomes the new year with physical movement month.  
Every week one of our favorite physical and spiritual instructors who will host a takeover, and first out is Samantha Rabon, founder of LA based Microform Yourself and Samsessions. 
This fitness wizard is as down to earth and as glamorous as the places she has grown up, studied, trained, and performed in. The six-foot natural beauty began dancing as a child to help correct her posture. 

Samantha, tell us about yourself:  


Well; I was born in Cape Town, raised in Sydney, grew up in Paris and now I live in LA.  
I had many interests, majoring in photography and multi-media arts but not sure which passion to pursue. My love of dance allowed me to travel the world and eventually settled in Paris for eleven years as a famous showgirl at the Moulin Rouge. From a showgirl in Paris to a personal trainer and physical therapist in LA. On a wonderful journey with my two boys.  
My passion for movement and life allows me to help so many feels and believe in their full potential.  

The grueling demands of performing full time led to inevitable injuries. I discovered Pilates as part of my rehabilitation and was impressed with the benefits, and a new way of understanding the mind and body connection was born.  
I studied the body through Pilates, kinesiology, and physical therapy, and realized that true strength came from applied functional science. The way we move our body and use our mind in our daily lives is key to building the foundation. I am forever grateful for The Gray Institute. The key to longevity is prevention. Why wait until we are hurt or sick to heal! 


How do you compose a session? 


My sessions are built with the foundations of Pilates and functional movement patterns like the way we move in our everyday lives. Attention on how we move is key. Every class has us moving in all plans of motion with the ability to connect neurologically and muscularly. Allowing us to feel our bodies, undo and rewire our blueprint to create a prehab approach to wellness. Along with a fabulous playlist of course.  

What inspired you to connect your practitioners around the world during the Covid lockdown? 


As we are restricted in our ways of moving around, and social distancing is part of our lives right now. I was inspired to connect all of us around the world in group sessions to go inside through movement. To feel supported, centered, grounded and calm in a safe community in these times were many of us feel powerless. It is wonderful being able to move together in the same space, but apart!  


How do you stay mentally and physically happy? 


The mélange of these two elements are the building blocks to happiness. I am constantly upgrading and learning how every system of the body works together and how we can truly heal ourselves from the inside out. Kundalini practice. Swimming. My own workouts of course. The ocean. Travel. Nature. Are all my happy go to’s for reliable results.  


Give us your daily stay at home routine! 


With days, nights and months blending into one at the moment I try to follow a routine as much as possible. Kundalini practices most mornings or a swim if I am not with a client.  

  1. Breakfast outside with my boys before they start homeschooling for the day.  
  1. Zoom group classes and private clients until the afternoon.  
  1. A sunset hike with the dog and kids to stay grounded and grateful.  


Favorite food? 
Mediterranean. As plant based as possible but believe in everything in moderation.  

So, do we! To catch Samanthas takeover tune in on the 9th of January, see our stories or IGTV section.