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Ingmari shares her world with us

Ingmari Lamy first started modelling in the; she was discovered the '60s on a trip to Paris with her boyfriend. Not the Scandinavian character tall and blonde, she still has had and perhaps because of, a fantastic career as a high fashion model working with famous photographers and designers.

She was the late Kenzo Takada's muse and friend since the beginning of his career.
Ingmari is today 73 years old and proud of her age, she thanks her wellbeing to long mornings of meditating in bed and long walks in nature. Nature is a key ingredient, especially now during Corona its where she safely can meet her friends.

After a few years in Paris, she met her first husband and had her first child, moved to Formentera and lived off the land embracing a simpler and richer way of life far away from the fashion scenes of Paris, London and New York. She had a hiatus from modelling, then 33 years ago when she was introduced to the business again and hasn't stopped modelling since.

She radiates calm and beauty that comes when finding inner security and perhaps not caring about how to look right and fit in, one who has composed her own space.

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Foto black and white Bob Richardsson.

Foto color unknown taken from Talent Models.