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Home Spa Routines that you do in the comfort of your own home

The winter months are a perfect time to take extra care of your skin.
Cosy up in a candlelit room, some soft music and a cup of herbal tea, decide which one of these treatments you should try first.

Warming Luxury Treatment For Extra Dry Skin


You will need a Dry Skin BrushBath SaltsBody SerumRescue Cream.

Grind Bath Salts in the food mixer or grate in a mortar to create a more delicate texture.

Mix Salts (3 tbs) with Body Serum to create a slightly runny paste consistency.

Warm up the paste in Bain Marie.

Brush your body with the Dry Skin Brush in upward movements (towards the heart).

Apply Scrub paste moving from the bottom of the legs towards the upper body in vigorous circular motions. 

Concentrate on the drier areas (ankles, knees, elbows).

Rinse the scrub with the warm water. Pat dry the skin with a towel.

Apply Rescue Cream on the drier areas if needed.

Biweekly Body Treatment 


You will need Birch Ritual Body Scrub, Body Lotion (of your choice), Body Serum (for extra dry skin).

Wet the skin slightly.

Apply Birch Ritual Body Scrub in a circular movement.

Rinse the scrub with warm water, and pat dry the skin.

Apply the Body Lotion. 

Mix Body Lotion with Body Serum for extra dry and flaky skin, the mixture will leave you with a soothing scent and a silky smooth body.

For extra luxury feel, light a candle and have a cup of herbal infused tea.