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Home gardening

The slowdown in society and staying indoors has opened up all sorts of creative ways to stay grounded; not all of them have to involve vigorous workouts and cooking a three-course dinner. There is stillness when gardening, many have written books about that reflection, now you can take it indoors and get a whiff of what nature has to offer.

Home planting is one of them; spring is around the corner, and we want to have a piece of that cake. However, with some countries in lookdown and quarantine, we might have to scale down our ambitions.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Save up on old egg cartons throughout the year to pre-plant your seedlings.
  2. I save seeds from the year before and plant them. If you haven't saved, you can find them online, here. Or reach out on social media to your plant-loving friends, sharing seeds is like sharing life.
  3. You need a bag of nutrient-rich soil, clay pots for when the seedlings are growing bigger and need to change house.
  4. I use old wine bottles for watering, write the names of the plants on beautiful stones found on the beach, oyster shells are another favourite. Use what you got at home and upcycle used products, get inventive. 
  5. Easy plants to start with are peas, marigolds, nasturtium, borage and eatable herbs.