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Fee Greening and The Cabinet Collection

Fee, please tell us a little bit about yourself.
I’m an illustrator based in the UK. I grew up by the sea in Devon before leaving for London where I studied at Central Saint Martins and the Royal College of art. Since then I have worked freelance, selling my original artwork and homeware designs, collaborating with a range of fashion, beauty and interior brands. Recently my partner Dan and I decided to relocate to a cottage in the countryside to try something different for a while.

What made you start illustrating, what/who was your inspiration and how?
I drew from a very early age all the time, plus I am a left handed pisces and was told this meant I was artistic. I think the combination of being told this and always drawing meant I formed a very strong idea early on that art was my thing. I was bought a beautiful hand blown glass dip pen in Venice when I was around 8 or 9 and have used them ever since.

Where do you find inspiration today?
As I said I’ve recently relocated to the countryside so currently I am feeling very inspired by the wild surrounding landscape and traditional country folklore. When I am in London I find inspiration in its beautiful museums and galleries where I visit the British Library to look at Medieval illuminated manuscripts and the Tate Britain and National Gallery to see my favourite Renaissance and Pre Raphaelites paintings.

How did you interpret our heritage of Jämtland and the cabinet?
I’ve always been drawn to 19 century Gustavian country furniture, there is a romance and fairytale quality to the period. We decided it would be fitting to have the ceramics in dusky greens, historical reds and cream shades, a very prevalent colour combination in the cabinet designs. The watercolour wash mimics the ragwork often used on the paneling, which creates the cabinets rustic patina. Traditionally the folk art designs tend to be very symmetrical and ordered with a botanical theme. They often include symbolic heart motifs and ribbon flourishes similar to those in the collection. The insect motifs are a nod to the beautiful nature of Jämtland.

What about the collaboration with Björk and Berries did you enjoy the most?
I really enjoyed researching and learning more about Swedish folk art and Gustavian furniture.

Do you have a dream motif, if so, what is it?
I go through phases of favourites, but currently I do love drawing snakes and caterpillars.

How do you relax, do you have a ritual that you can share with us?
I walk a lot. I find walking through woods particularly calming, the trees have a presence which feels very mystical, it makes me feel very mortal, closer to nature and I realise my every day stresses aren’t very important.

What is the notion of home to you?
Home is wherever my partner and dog are. We spent the last few years working on various renovation projects so have lived all over the place, but once we unpack a few familiar objects and have coffee in the cupboard it feels like home.

What are your favorite things about living in the countryside, close to nature?
The solitude and being so surrounded by open space and wild nature. I adore London, the energy and seeing all my friends but I feel I have more headspace to feel creative here.

How would you describe the "The Cabinet" scented candle, what feelings does it evoke?
The nutmeg and birch notes give it a very nostalgic homely feel to it. It’s very comforting.

The "The Cabinet" tray is a very versatile object, how do you think you’ll use it?
I’m already using it religiously for my drawing glasses. I’m always losing them around the house but now they have the perfect home in the tray on my desk.

"The Cabinet" collection is available now HERE.
Link to short film about the making off "The Cabinet" collection" HERE.