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Digital Detox with Amanda Norgaard

When Amanda Norgaard takes time off Instagram, she deletes the app and schedules her work time.

To retreat and regenerate her creativity, she knows, there´s essential fruit to harvest when getting harmonised with her body, and getting out of the head.
Social media is designed to make us addicted, its a dance of polarities, and she invites everyone to do this detox and perfect timing to do so when the seasons are changing.

It becomes apparent that there is a whole other world out there, where we should be spending more time than on our phones and apps.

When we see, nature changing, and we can use it as a tool.
Go for a walk, feel the cold air on your skin, if it is raining feel the rain, if the sun comes out, enjoy it!

These experiences will help you connect and feel what really matters; then when you go back to SoME, you can appreciate what goes on there for what it is and be able to use it in a productive way instead of destructive.

I would say we need to find ways where we rest for the sake of relaxing and not to become more productive or do more. 

How many times in a week do you wake up in the morning and feel exhausted? 
This is a sign that you need time off.

Social media is neutral, its what you attach to it that makes you feel a certain way. We have a responsibility to ourselves; none will make this happen except you, but when switching off, it is the ultimate act of self-care.

Are you ready to do a digital detox this weekend?
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