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Detoxlife makes a detox/retox cocktail perfect for the holidays

I am Johanna and today I work as the content manager for Björk and Berries but my love affair with the brand started years ago when I became an ambassador for the brand thru my platform Detoxlife, where I combine my love for food making with art, fashion and yoga to highlight a lifestyle that could be described as "Balance is Key".

The story behind Detoxlife is how I detoxed myself from the need to do diets and cleanses; all those musts you think you need to become happy.
I believe that nutrition isn’t only for the physical body. We eat to nourish our soul, emotions and even to spark memories from our childhood, playing with your food will open you mind.

Macaroni and cheese, meatballs with mashed potatoes, crazy coloured candy, that first spinach ever tasted combined with my love for plant-based food is how the first psychedelic glass was made.

Connecting to all that "soul nutrition" sparks healthy creativity. The retox bit is when I top of the glass with my homemade absinthe!

Why did I create Detoxlife?

It was born from a question that is far too large for any one person to give a universally satisfying answer to. At the same time I’m quite sure that most of us have asked it sometime: how to live my life?

Detoxlife does not provide the answer. If, however, it is based on some sort of insight, that no self-help guides or quick fix manuals can do the job of living for you. So instead of grandiosely claiming to show you the path to “the good life”, it´s my attempt at telling the story of how I gained the confidence to do things in life a little bit more on my own terms.

So where does cooking enter the picture?

Well, that one’s more easy to answer. Cooking helped me understand why I periodically had felt unwell and opened the door to a more healthy way of thinking and living. This magazine is thus ultimately a story of how I re-entered life after having felt trapped on its outside for a very long time.

Hope you enjoy it and can take some inspiration from it!

 Detoxlife for Björk and Berries “ Balance is key glass “

Un-sweetened cashew yogurt

4 dl of soaked cashews

1 tsp of cold-pressed applecider vinegar

3 dl of water

Lemon zest from 1/2 lemon

To keep the nuts from sticking to the blade add part of the liquid first. Then add the rest of the ingredients and mix until smooth. Depending on how thick you want it add he water little by little. Chill before using.

Beet juice

4 red beets

1 lemon

1 thumb of ginger or horseradish

Clean the beets and ginger with a root brush. Remove the skins from the lemon but keep them in the freezer for drinks and preserves. Juice everything. Chill before using.

Red smoothie

1 dl red berries

The beet juice

1 avocado

2 medjool dates

Mix until smooth and chill in fridge.

How to assemble your glass

Chop some strawberries in half and add the absinthe, let it sit for some minutes. I make my absinthe from Elin Unnes recipe, you can find it in her book Herbariet.

Pour some beetroot powder and activated charcoal in 2 small bowls; you will need a tea-sive to sprinkle the powders into the glass.

To assemble the glass make a “mis en” place with the smoothie, cashew yogurt, berries, flowers, absinthe and powders in front of you. You will need 3 wine glasses.

In layers; add the powder, smoothie and yogurt. Topp off with the berries and flowers or herbs.