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Sophia Lie is the reason why we at Björk and Berries are all addicted to infrared saunas. The Norwegian model and actress opened the now immensely popular HEAT in 2018 – Scandinavia’s first full-spectrum infrared sauna lounge. A visit to HEAT is according to us the ultimate way to relax, restore and re-energize your body and mind. Especially after a night out – like the party we recently co-hosted with Sophia at Alma to celebrate inner and outer beauty.


We sat down with Sophia to ask her a few questions.


How did the idea for HEAT come about?
Infrared sauna therapy is super popular in the fashion industry and I discovered the concept when I was working as a model in New York. It soon became a necessary part of my routine for recharging and staying in shape – I would go into the sauna tired, worn-out and swollen and exit 45 minutes later feeling reborn, full of energy and ready to get in front of the camera. When I sit down in the infrared sauna, my stress decreases and my whole body relaxes. My tender muscles stop aching, especially my neck that has been troubling me a lot. I also notice right away how the intense sweating reduces inflammation and removes the puffiness from both my face and body. My skin gets a whole new glow, quickly making me ready for my next shoot. When I moved to Stockholm I couldn’t imagine a life without my sessions, so I simply decided to bring the concept with me to Scandinavia.


What is your advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?
Meditate, manifest and write your goals in a diary every day. Both long-term goals, and short-term goals. I do transcendental meditation every day and it helps me stay grounded, energized and make better choices. It’s a way for your brain to be able to take out the trash twice a day and stay in a state of high performance. I’ve done this practice since I was 26 and it has been a life-changer! You can take the course in all the major cities in the world, there is a course in Stockholm.


How do you get that glow? Give us your beauty secrets!
Infrared sauna followed by Björk and Berries Skin awakening C-Serum, Deep Forest Face Mist and lymphatic drainage massage at Forces by Sweden that I share the HEAT location with. For a healthy glow you both need clean quality non-toxic skincare, as well as to detox your body from the inside out!


We recently had a party together which begs the question - what are your best tips for recovering after a night out?
That was so fun!! Number one, be smart when you drink, and drink clean. The hangover is very different from vodka soda/tequila soda to beer/wine/sugar drinks etc. Less inflammation = less hangover. Make sure to drink loads of water before bed and book in a HEAT sweat session first thing in the am, followed by coconut water for rehydration! This is my personal tip, remember I am not a doctor hehe. 


What is your favourite spot for a night out in Stockholm?
I love Ciccio's, it always has a great vibe, oh and Milles, and the roof of the bank hotel. I don’t really go to clubs in Stockholm so I can’t answer beyond the restaurant scene. 


What is your favorite Björk and Berries product, why? 
All, can I say that I am in love with every product I have tried so far. Perhaps my all-time fave is the serum and face mist  they absorb so well and are perfect in my handbag when I’m travelling, oh and also the travel size hand cream is a must! I get cracked dry skin when I’m flying!


Don’t forget to book a session at HEAT – when you do you will also get to try some of our products that are in the salon.