15 Minutes Birch Hand Ritual – Björk & Berries
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15 Minutes Birch Hand Ritual

Our in-house resident skin therapist Dana has created a 15 minutes hand treatment using our Bath Salt from the Garden and Rescue Cream.
To get the maximum effect we mixed the bath salt to a salty powder to use with one of our hand.

Our mineral enriched Birch Hand Ritual will make your hands softer, brighter, leaving a trace of sense-awakening aroma from Swedish birch, camomile and lavender. Our ingredients have been hand -picked and fostered with love in our farm.

1) Pick Up Your individual aroma from our Hand & Body Creams.

Listen to your body as it will guide you what it needs

White Forest

Never Spring

Dark Rain

2) Make your individual mixture with the mixed Birch Ritual Bath Salts and your chosen cream

3) Gentle Hand Peeling for brighter, smoother skin complexion

4) Removal of Peel with wet towels

5) Massage Rescue Cream into cuticles

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